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Vasectomy Clinic

The Complete Vasectomy Care Clinic

A vasectomy is safe and lasts for life. It is a simple and convenient and allows women and men to enjoy sex without worrying about getting pregnant.

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Vasectomy Clinic Dublin Femplus

Vasectomy Clinic

Vasectomy procedure & full aftercare service

Vasectomy is a simple procedure which can be done under local anaesthetic in 10-15 minutes and give you permanent peace of mind for your future contraception needs.

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Thinking about your contraception choices?

Make yourself aware of the new developments in contraception. We can offer you a full consultation to help you find the best contraceptive method for you.

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Vasectomy is the most reliable form of contraception. It requires a very simple procedures which can be done under local anaesthetic and will take about 10-15 minutes. Our Vasectomy Clinic may be right for you if you want to enjoy sex without causing pregnancy or you don’t want to have any more children in the future. It is also effective if other methods of contraception don’t work for you or your partner’s health is threatened by a future pregnancy.

How Effective is Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is the most effective birth control for men. It is nearly 100 percent effective.


Is Vasectomy right for us?

You should only have a vasectomy if you and your partner are 100% certain that you do not want to have any, or any more, children.

Vasectomy Clinic Dublin Femplus Clinic

Vasectomy Complications

Any surgical procedure carries some risk, but vasectomy is considered to be low-risk, typically not painful, and vasectomy complications are uncommon.


Other Forms of Family Planning

Make yourself aware of new developments in contraception so you can choose what suits you best.


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A revolutionary Hypodermic syringe that delivers the anestethic below the skin layers without using a needle is now available in our clinic for vasectomy procedures.


One of the most common questions we get during a vasectomy consultation is: when can I return to my normal sports or activities?

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One of the most important things to consider before having a vasectomy is that it is a permanent form of contraception.


The procedure was extremely quick and with only the expected (and minimum) discomfort over the following few days. It was a complete success and I would recommend it to anyone looking for the same outcome.


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